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As many of you know, our annual get together, TECon, is fast approaching in August, so we need to settle on a final place so we can find a place to stay. So on Sunday, we will stop taking suggestions and having discussion on the subject and make our choice! We're keeping this on the site for easy monitoring, so please post in the thread in the forums! Now's your chance to make yourself heard!

Welcome to the Twilight Empire, folks! We've got a lot of updates since... um... let's not get into how long ago that last post was, shall we? Rather, let's get to business.

The Twilight Empire has moved servers. This is not an easy announcement to make, but we have made the exodus from Ravenholdt to Wyrmrest Accord in the interest of maintaining the guild and moving our current players to an environment that can sustain our activities in RP and PvE capacities. This is not a light decision we've made, and to those who we've left behind, Wyrmrest may be where we are now, but Ravenholdt will always be where we got our start, our home of 12 years, and we'll never forget that.

Among those left behind are two officers who've been huge in maintaining the guild over these years I'd like to recognize. Tinox, who continues on maintaining the site and assisting us with technical details, and Katelle, our General and a stellar leader who worked tirelessly for the guild. Although they're still with us on our community channels in Discord, we wish them only the best and thank them for their service.

With the move we have also promoted new officers! It's my pleasure to announce Jaelantia as a new councilor, Myaka as our new General, and Xandric as her second in command for the Keepers. This is a huge period of growth for the Empire, so we can't thank them enough for stepping up to task to help us lay new roots on Wyrmrest Accord.

Finally, TECon 2019 is fast approaching! Our dates are set for early August, but we need to finalize a location! We'll have a deadline for suggestions coming up shortly so we can begin making reservations, so crank 'em out! We're looking at the West Coast this year, so let's have a good time of it!

We'll be working to keep the site updated more regularly from now on and keep this news feed tickin', so check back for major updates, keep an eye on the Discord, and we look forward to seeing you guys!

Zodean o Ah well I know folks haven't heard from me in some time but as of 4/6/2019 I will be making that sever shift to joi...
Myaka New Server! I am excited to see what the move to Wyrmrest Accord brings to the Empire. I will miss our old friends that ...

Changes have arrived

Tinox a posted May 3, 15

The changes outlined in the previous post have been put in effect. The website and the in-game rank structure have been updated to better reflect those, and we will keep working to make sure the transition goes smoothly. It should be noted that as a result of this, our "About" section and FAQ pages are out of date. We will be sure to update them soon.

Again, if you have questions, please let us know and we will answer as best we can.

PSA: Incoming Changes

Tinox a posted Apr 27, 15

Hello, everyone!

I'd like to direct your attention to two new threads on our forums.

The first (and longest) one is a presentation of a new structure for the guild, along with the introduction of a third branch.Your input is needed. These are changes that will affect the entirety of the Empire and we want to make sure that everyone has a chance to contribute before we roll them out. Likewise, any questions you have must be asked; we want everyone to be on the same page about this.

The second one is an explanation of the procedure for the upcoming branch leader elections. These elections are for both the Citizens branch, which has by now been entirely too long without a branch head, and the new branch, which will need one to give it shape and purpose. The post contains all you need to know, but it goes without saying that your participation in this process is important.

I am very excited for these changes and I hope you will be as well. If you're not, remember that your thoughts may still change things, so please give them freely.

Aerana I'm also very excited about these changes and announcements! Please give your feedback and feel free to PM any of t...

TE Con 2014: The Subtitle

Tinox a posted Aug 27, 14
As most of you know, we had the Twilight Empire annual meetup once again this year. From the 14th to the 18th of August, 11 of us gathered in a cabin in Slidell, near New Orleans, for a long weekend of fun.

Some of us have spent the last week looking through and organizing our photos, and they are now available for viewing online for everyone who wants to see how the weekend went.

It was a blast, and we're already looking forward to next year. This early, not many details are set yet, but we do know that the next TE Con will take place in Canada! If you're interested in showing up, make sure to think about getting a passport early, as it can be a long process.

Donnelly Tinox added the pictures I submitted. As well with a video of me making Rhork a star.
Velindala I am filled with the sadness of a thousand empty suns for I was unable to make a display of my presence at the festiviti...
Rhork What I have learned from these photos (and going): You all are a crazy bunch.