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To be a Citizen or Soldier of the Twilight Empire is to devote oneself to it - body, heart, and soul, to place the needs of the Empire before your own, to obey its laws, and to live always as a personification of the Tenets; One from the Empire never seek conflict, but if it is forced upon you, the Empire will strike decisively and with a vengeance worthy of retelling by bards centuries from now.

-Tiburion, former member of Twilight Empire

If you seek to join the Twilight Empire, we ask that you know our policies - Please read the required portion of the"About Twilight" section, which can be found in the list of links on the top of the page. If you understand and agree to our policies, then we invite you to contact an Officer in-game. The Officer will likely wish to speak with you about the guild and then will give you the password for the application.

The Senators will review your application and then a Senator will set up an IC interview.The essence of the interview is to allow us to get to know you. While we're a large guild, we seek to keep our community close-knit. After the interview, should everything appear in order, you will be invited to our Induction Ceremony, which takes place twice a week (At our weekly guild meeting on Sunday evening and then mid-week when prospective members are able to attend). We thank you for your interest in the Twilight Empire.

Currently: The Twilight Empire is accepting applications. To fill out an application, please CLICK HERE.

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