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Welcome to the Twilight Empire, folks! We've got a lot of updates since... um... let's not get into how long ago that last post was, shall we? Rather, let's get to business.

The Twilight Empire has moved servers. This is not an easy announcement to make, but we have made the exodus from Ravenholdt to Wyrmrest Accord in the interest of maintaining the guild and moving our current players to an environment that can sustain our activities in RP and PvE capacities. This is not a light decision we've made, and to those who we've left behind, Wyrmrest may be where we are now, but Ravenholdt will always be where we got our start, our home of 12 years, and we'll never forget that.

Among those left behind are two officers who've been huge in maintaining the guild over these years I'd like to recognize. Tinox, who continues on maintaining the site and assisting us with technical details, and Katelle, our General and a stellar leader who worked tirelessly for the guild. Although they're still with us on our community channels in Discord, we wish them only the best and thank them for their service.

With the move we have also promoted new officers! It's my pleasure to announce Jaelantia as a new councilor, Myaka as our new General, and Xandric as her second in command for the Keepers. This is a huge period of growth for the Empire, so we can't thank them enough for stepping up to task to help us lay new roots on Wyrmrest Accord.

Finally, TECon 2019 is fast approaching! Our dates are set for early August, but we need to finalize a location! We'll have a deadline for suggestions coming up shortly so we can begin making reservations, so crank 'em out! We're looking at the West Coast this year, so let's have a good time of it!

We'll be working to keep the site updated more regularly from now on and keep this news feed tickin', so check back for major updates, keep an eye on the Discord, and we look forward to seeing you guys!